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We maintain CMS can improve its approach to the environment ... and that this is necessary.

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A Little Bit About Me


Charlottean Since 1977

I was born here. I grew up in CMS Schools. My father taught with CMS for over 35 years! I have family, friends, and, of course, there's all us neighbors who were then or are now students and teachers. My two children will enter elementary school soon and like all parents, my wife and I want them to have a great future ... I bring with me the legacy that we all must carry - the incredible task of ensuring every student receives an outstanding, fulfilling, and rewarding education that sets the stage for all the successes informed, engaged, and productive citizens bring to our world.


Small Business Owner

I understand folks in our city because I interact with them on a daily basis and have been one of them my entire life. As a small business owner who meets directly with customers, I feel the pulse of the community. I own and operate a coffee business, and I'm sure my customers agree without a doubt Dunx Coffee is the best cup around - and that's why I do it. Increasing the presence of small businesses and community oriented ideas in schools exponentially is just a start. I bring the grit of starting a successful business from scratch and watching it grow plus the tenacity to see a job through and get it done. I don't have a habit of making promises because identifying problems and making solutions is the way you do it.


Where I'm From: CharMeck & UNC Graduate

I learned a lot by simply listening back then and continue today. I entered Kindergarten at Irwin Avenue Elementary, attended Piedmont Middle, and graduated from West Charlotte Senior High in 1996, In 2000, I graduated from UNC Chapel Hill with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English. And if it means anything (other than I learned all you need to know twice), I was held back in Kindergarten with my September birthday.