The At-Large Candidate with Larger Ideas - VOTE KNOW!

The Westside Education Think Tank Questionnaire

What skills will make you the best candidate for the At-Large School Board Member?

All candidates believe they will bring stability, achievement, quality  results, and satisfaction to all students, parents, and teachers - and  have developed platforms they believe will achieve it. As a Board  Member, working with whomever to accomplish any measure of success  regarding the challenges our schools face is an absolute necessity.  While I find the ability and willfulness to find solutions wherever they  may be essential to getting things done, I have also observed several  missing elements of importance weighing into the the School Board’s  pursuit of a well-balanced approach to bridging achievement gaps,  preparing students for the future, and supporting parent involvement. I  also identify several areas of improvement regarding CMS optimizing  itself in waste, efficiency, and energy usage. It appears obvious to me  issues regarding equity are counterbalancing the school system’s  offering of an excellent education. I believe the only way you improve  student success is to build a fundamentally sound foundation – and upon  it, learning is successful for everyone.

Briefly explain your platform regarding: 1. Equity, 2. School Choice, 3. Parent involvement.

1. “Equity, education, and excellence” – reads the CMS mission, and yet –  significantly – some schools bare wide achievement gaps compared with  others. All students, parents, and teachers have a right to both seek  and want to attend quality schools. In fact, without the guarantee of a  quality education being the ultimate reality of any public, private, or charter school, there is no reason to pursue this ideal as a possibility for everyone.

2. All students, parents, and teachers need confidence not only in their  choice for school, but also in their reason(s) for selecting it. The  pursuit of “choice schools” for all students, parents, and teachers is  the ideal outcome of electing several options and getting your first  choice. I find it much like electing an At-Large School Board Candidate.  Three positions on the School Board are available. In a perfect world,  maybe the three choice candidates for whom you cast your vote become  Board Members. And yet still, schools remain beyond unsatisfactory. In  fact, some seem to remain hopeless. I am not a candidate for hope or  promise, but rather one who seeks to make every decision a student, parent, or teacher makes regarding education to be ultimately their best.

3. Parent involvement – in absolutely the most essential way – lays the  foundation for student success and achievement, and is critical to  student successes surrounding the learning process. In fact, parents  must teach their children some of the most complicated things about  life. Simplifying for parents in every way possible how to make the  learning process easier for their children and meet the demands of  flexible schedules is the key for involvement. Accessing all the  resources available to parents to help them meet the demands of their  children’s education - plain and simple - is by nature both an  imperative and priority of the School Board.

What policies would you introduce to improve educational experience AND academic performance.

Policies I will introduce will improve the educational experience of all  students. Academic performance must be measured in more ways than one.  Learning is, essentially, an active pursuit – and while kindergarten  through high school is only a little longer than a decade, graduation  must equip you with an education that lasts a lifetime. In fact, you  must cultivate learning over an entire course of living. Every Board  Member must support all ways to improve and maintain high levels of  academic performance. The School Board, however, desperately needs the  introduction of more focus on modernizing our schools’ energy usage, and  ultimately eliminating operating procedures that both cause and  contribute to climate change. In essence, teaching about climate change  in today’s world is actually implementing measures to address it.

What would you like people to know about you other than what has been asked above?

Undoubtedly, considering the challenges we overcome on a daily basis,  our experience in solving unique, pressing, and difficult problems and  issues has compounded our ability to overcome the odds as well. But the  odds of receiving an excellent education are not something we must enter  a lottery to achieve. A future is not something you gamble away, and  neither is an educated guess how you approach achieving an excellent  education for all students. Today, we must begin solving the problems  that have belonged to tomorrow for far too long. While both discovering  new and improving upon timeless ways of resolving problems will bring  many successes, we must also achieve merit in the accomplishment of any  task worth the effort. Great and incredible results regarding school  beautification is one of the first things I want to observe as a Board  Member and is a priority.